DevOps Engineer

Location : Dallas TX (only face to face rounds)
Should be local to TX
DevOps Automatic Automation Engineer


Primary responsibilities of the Automation/Automic Engineer include developing and managing build processes, using CA Automic’s ONE Automation platform to support continuous integration, continuous delivery (application deployment) and supporting the applications and underlying tools to transform code into running products on a daily basis. This includes working with complex configuration environments (build & test servers, virtual labs), plus generalizing tools and processes to accommodate multiple languages and architectures. This position will also work closely with the projects, production release and operations teams to establish consistent, high quality packaged builds for deployment to our customers.
• Automate everything, then do whatever else it takes to make sure our systems are optimal and super-fast
• Experience in Architecture, Design and Implementation of High Availability robust Automic’s ONE Automation Engine (UC4) infrastructure
• Experience in Installing and configuring Automation Engine, Utilities, Service Manager, Automic Deployment Nodes – Unix/Linux, FTP Agent, Business Objects Agent, Informatica Agent, DB Agent, Administrative task setup & configuration.
• Experience in creating Jobs and define Job Properties for Informatica, BO, Web Services, FTP thru Automic Engine (UC4), calendars, schedules, dependency and orchestrate workflows.
• Use Automic Orchestration expertise to:
o Contribute to the collection, development, review, and adoption of enterprise software build strategies, software branching strategies, configuration management, deployment practices and techniques.
o Stand up, troubleshoot and maintain documentation for build servers and virtual environments.
o Contribute in implementation and adherence to continuous integration practices, including build automation, test automation, fast builds and clean build maintenance.
o Coordinate and deliver production-ready release packages to deployment teams through a coordinated and scheduled configuration control process.
• Excellent knowledge of Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems

Knowledge/Experience (must have ALL):
• Strong Object Oriented development experience.
• Proficiency in C# and/or Java programming, data modeling and web development using RESTful services
• Proven RDBMS skills (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
• Strong knowledge of scripting language like Python, Perl, PowerShell and/or Ruby
• 3+ years’ recent experience using Automic ONE Automation Platform
• 5+ years’ experience setting up and configuring build servers and build agents.
• Knowledge of JFrog Artifactory, BitBucket / GIT, SVN and other SCM tools
• Knowledge of Public / Private Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, SDN, SDS)
• Knowledge of desired state configuration, automated deployment, continuous integration, and release engineering tools like Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, Ant etc.

Qualifications (will need ALL of this):
• A BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience with good scripting/programming skills.
• Prior software experience with build management, configuration management and/or quality testing.
• Experience with SCM practices including Agile, continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).
• Experience building and deploying with Java and Microsoft technologies.
• Intermediate to advanced expertise in LINUX, UNIX, knowledge of hardware, command line tools and application programming interfaces (APIs).
• Strong communication skills and the ability to work well in a high-profile environment.
• Ability to interact effectively with diverse cross-functional groups, including Quality, Configuration Management, Data Management, IT operations, and Project Management.

Thank you
21444 65855 ext 107

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