Change Management Consultant

Change Management Consultant
Duration: 12+ months
Location: Little Rock, AR
Visas: OK
Interview: Skype / Phone

Short Description:
The Change Manager will be in charge of the change management for a state-wide MS O365 implementation. This position will be a peer to the program manager; reporting to the sponsor or senior responsible owner.

Complete Description:
Local candidates preferred but not required. This will be on-site, all day, five days a week. The client will submit an extension for this position. The organizational change manager is a multifaceted role that interfaces with various stakeholders across projects. Incumbents are responsible for embedding organizational change management practices in the organization’s projects and structured work efforts to achieve the desired business outcomes. This role is responsible for leading, directing, coordinating and providing visibility into the organization’s change management efforts. The candidate needs to have significant experience in creating change management strategies and work streams that maximize employee adoption and business benefit.

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

• Employ a structured change management methodology to create conditions for a smooth transition to change and promote maximum enthusiasm to adapt to the change.
• Prepare for change by assessing the magnitude of change and the organization’s change readiness.
• Conduct thorough methodological investigations to identify key stakeholders impacted by the change and when the timing of that change will be.
• Create a communication plan or roadmap to ensure all employees are fully aware of the impending changes.
• Promote the business vision with a benefit framework that links adoption to change to successful project delivery and business outcome.

Thanks & Regards
p: 732-399-9510 Ext: 105
A: #450, 15 Corporate Pl S
Piscataway , NJ , 08857

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