Agile Coach

Client needs 3 Agile Coaches with the expert-level knowledge and experience to coach the team in the following areas:

3 Agile coaches in US

Location (Neenah, Atlanta or Knoxville office)

Long term
Start date – 4 weeks from now

 Execute Scrum and Kanban methodology

 Coach the Product Owner in their accountabilities and behaviours

 Coach the team in Agile practices and behaviours

 Perform feature prioritization, release planning, backlog refinement and sprint planning

 Perform feature decomposition, iterative delivery, define Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

 Excellence in story writing and estimation  Reducing WIP and context switching

Coach must also have these qualities:

 Encouraging, positive, confident, engaged, inspiring, outgoing, natural teacher

 Adaptable – leverages Agile to help the team versus holding the team to strict principles

 Able to apply Agile to new situations in client’s complex environment  Looks for and actively implements ways for the team to continuously improve

We need people who have been agile coaches in large multi-national organizations.

Communication is a huge part of the agile coach role, and they need to be able to convey their skills/experience clearly in an interview.

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